Frank Stutzman

The Brief Biography

I grew up number five in a family of six kids on a 740 acre ranch in southern Oregon.  Not really being cut out for agriculture, I studied Computer Science at  Oregon State University. Graduating with a BS degree in 1986, I was hired by  Hewlett-Packard in the San Franciso Bay area. I spent 10 years or so working for HP and other computer/networking companies in the that area (the gory details are on my   resume). About then I remet my wife  Kim (she had dated all my friends at OSU).  I was working as an independent contracter at the time and
after getting married I moved to White Salmon, Washington, where she has her practice. I continued to work as a consultant until early 1998.  About then the arrival of my son Jake was in sight, so I gave up the networking industry and became a stay at home dad. This was was something that I found much more enjoyable than the networking industry ever was. A few years later we added Kate. After the kids were in school I went to work in Kim's clinic as the IT department (I was the whole thing for a clinic of 8 providers). Rural private practice wore Kim out though, and so we moved in 2007 to Boise where she started teaching medicine.