Frank's Pre-planned Mid-Life Crisis

Its said that every man has some sort of a mid life crisis.  I guess I'm no different than anybody else other than I am a bit more premeditated than most.  In that light, please allow me to introduce my crisis.

This is a 1956 Mercedes 190SL that I purchased in 1993.  As far as a sports car goes, its pretty lack-luster.  The 190SL is a poor mans version of Mercedes famous 300 (Gullwing) series.  As such, it has a lot of the mid 50's European styling, but very much is no hot rod.  the 1900 cc engine developes about 105 HP.  Which wouldn't be so bad if the car didn't weigh close to 3000 pounds.  Oh well, you might not get there fast, but you look good doing it.

The above pictures are make the car look much better than it currently does.  When I got married in 1997, I started a project to restore it (body wise for the most part).  Unfortunately, the project got much more expensive than what I could afford at that time.  Currently the car is sitting in my garage, stripped of all the chrome and paint.  I hope to get it back in roadworthy condition  the next few years