Franks Aviation

I have been flying since getting my rating in 1992.  I've accumulated about 600 hours of flight time all of it VFR.  I am now starting IFR training and hope to be a cloud-buster before the year is out.

I got my rating with instructor Dave Caldwell at the  Palo Alto Airport.

Planes I own or have owned:

 Beechcraft Bonanza N494B
 Cessna 172A N7770T
American Aircraft Falcon XP N917AA  [ sorry, I can't seem to find a picture]
The future project.  I call it a FlyBaby++
Last, but not least, here is a link to the JPI EZSave 4.2 software for downloading and un-compressing the data out of your JPI engine monitor. Some time in 2004, JPI obsoleted this software. This is unfortunate if you like use your own graphing of the resulting csv files.