Welcome to Stutzman.com

This web site was created while I was running an independant technology consulting company (Stutzman Consulting). It specialized in network analysis, management and performance tuning.  This was primarily in the area of  Open protocols.

That was way back in the dark ages of the 1990's. It was a going venture for several years, but it was an educational experience in that I learned that I am lacking in business and marketing skills.

Obviously, Stutzman Consulting is not actively soliciting new business. This site has essentially become a vanity site for me and my family. Not a very elegant one that that, but we arn't that vain... 

  • Stutzman Family
  • Fairly regularly I get solicitated as to if I would sell the stutzman.com domain name. The honest answer is a flat "no". However, should someone decide to throw outrageous sums of money at me, I might consider it. The more you throw, the more I might consider it.

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